Frequently Asked Questions

Keibs will charge the client for any custom request, and the following fees:

Website Hosting (Only one option per client)
    For a single website
  • Monthly plan: $34.99
  • Annual plan: $29.99 (Save $60 per year)
    For multiple websites
  • Monthly plan: $24.99 (Save $10.00 per website)
  • Annual plan: $19.99 (Save $60 per year + $10.00 per website)

Domain name (Only one option per domain)
  • Registration (Regular ".com"): $19.99 - **Price may vary depending on the domain
  • Transfer: $14.95 - **Price may vary depending on the domain
You get paid through the design fee, and during the beta program, you will make 100% profit on that fee. For example, if your design fee is $1,200 your profit will be $1,200!

You will have 2 options on how to collect the payment:
  1. You can charge the client yourself - No service fee
  2. We can collect the design fee for you - 10% service fee
No! Our software will take care of the coding for you!
No, joining the beta testing program is 100% free, but very competitive because of the large amount of people that want to take advantage of this opportunity.
No quota is required, but the beta testing is for a limited period of time, so you should fully take advantage of it!
No penalty, no contract, but once you leave the beta testing program, chances are someone on the waitlist will occupy your spot, and you won't be able to rejoin the program.