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Website design is undoubtedly our recognized specialty at KEIBS LLC. We take the time to carefully examine your business to accurately determine what unique type of website design will best fit your fundamental needs. 

Many people will typically try promoting cheap websites, but won't meet your expectations. At KEIBS LLC, we will design an amazing website for you at an affordable price. Contact us today to witness what we can do for you. 

Start making money from home
Start making money from home

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Pre-Built Theme Website
Hosting Required

Pre-Built Theme Website

➤ Up to 4 web pages
➤ 5-10 business days turnaround
➤ Free 30 days update after launch

Call Now: (404) 369-0754
Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

➤ Up to 6 web pages
➤ Turnaround based on project size
➤ Free 30 days update after launch

Call Now: (404) 369-0754

Free Single Page Web Design

It should not cost you an arm and a leg to establish an online presence for your business. Here at KEIBS, we offer a free splash page for your business when you select any of our hosting plans. Additionally, all of our hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate as well as website backup and maintenance. Click Here for more information about our hosting plans.

Single Page Website
Hosting Required

Single Page Website

➤ 1 web page
➤ Same day delivery

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Additional Services

Donation Software Setup $10.00 per Campaign FREE

We provide a free donation software that can be installed on your website upon request.

Website Updates

➤ Revisions (site layout) - $24.99 per revision
➤ Holiday home page design - $99.99
➤ Additional web page - $179.99

E-commerce $299.99

If you request our E-commerce setup, we will properly connect your payment merchant to your website, setup a secure payment method for your customers, setup your product tax, shipping and email notifications.

Product setup options:

*Includes both digital and physical products

➤ 0 - 10 products cost $24.99
➤ 11 - 50 products cost $64.99
➤ 51 - 100 products cost $109.99
➤ 101 - 250 products cost $259.99
➤ 251 - 500 products cost $499.99
➤ 501 - 1000 products cost $849.99

Custom Contents $149.99 per individual page $499.99

Custom contents are unique texts and iconic images designed for your website use only. By requesting this valuable service, you will be assured that your whole website will undoubtedly have your brand all over it. Custom contents are typically composed of the following:

➤ SEO friendly content on the website
➤ Photoshop retouch on images provided
➤ Effective use of appropriate stock images across the website
➤ Creation of custom button links and custom icons
➤ Creation of custom web banners and website custom images

Website Optimization

➤ Adding/Removing business emails - $4.99 per email
➤ Live chat - $49.99
➤ Mailing configuration - $49.99
➤ Additional forms - $49.99 per form
➤ Remove branding - $99.99
➤ Accepting payment directly on the website (No redirect) - $99.99